Get even more support with these helpful resources.

Here are some of our favorite online and in-person resources to help support you in your breastfeeding journey.


Local resources for jersey city and hoboken

We are proud to share a set of local resources for caretakers in Jersey City and Hoboken. This list includes specialists who will help, support and encourage you throughout your breastfeeding journey. Please do your own research to see if these individuals and organizations meet your specific needs.


La Leche League of the Garden state

La Leche League of The Garden State offers breastfeeding resources and information and hosts an annual breastfeeding and parenting conference available to all interested parents, caregivers and children.  


La Leche league USA

La Leche League USA offers even more breastfeeding information, events, and resources to foster mother-to-mother support, encouragement and education and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.


leaders who speak additional languages

Several La Leche League Leaders located in New Jersey speak languages other than English, so you can easily receive breastfeeding support regardless of whether or not English is not your first language. 


how to hand express

Hand expression is an important skill to have in your breastfeeding toolbox. Learn the proper way to hand express watching this informational video.


find an ibclc

When breastfeeding problems arise, it's important to get help early. Contacting a local La Leche League Leader and coming to a La Leche League meeting  are two great steps, but sometimes you'll want to find an IBCLC to come visit you.


low milk supply

Perceived or real low milk supply is the most common reason women stop breastfeeding. Learn to tell the signs that baby is getting enough milk and how to ensure you build and maintain a strong milk supply to reach your breastfeeding goals.